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How did your writing journey begin?

Some years ago I became ill. Sadly, I had to give up teaching in a school for children with a wide range of disabilities. I made the decision then to write and it set me on path of learning I’ve not yet left.

What are your current projects?

The last year has been busy with four book releases and twelve short pieces released on a monthly basis. My next set of projects is four short pieces as quarterly releases throughout next year and a one off special scheduled for early in the New Year. I also have a historical story to complete and a murder mystery romance which is developing some amusing elements. I’ve a couple of other projects but they are presently on hold.

How important are names to you in your books?

One of the things I enjoy is finding the right name for a character. It doesn’t matter if the book is a fantasy tale, paranormal, or historical, I try to find a name to give readers a clue to the individual. An instance of this happened with my story Marked for Magic. Thabit, the hero, is named for a star that is part of the Orion constellation, also known as ‘the Endurer’. His name appears in Arabic too and means cool thinker. I was delighted when a reader who reviewed the story mentioned this.

Is there a character you found difficult to write in any of your stories?

There are two characters from my published books I struggled with and for very different reasons. The hardest so far has to be Stephen Grafton, the blind organist in my story Christmas Carols. For me as a sighted person to write from the point of view of a blind person proved challenging. The world without vision is a different place. I think I got some of it right and presented him in the way I wanted to. Stephan is not defined by his lack of sight but by his personal courage. I hope that is what readers discover about him.

The other character I found difficult to create was Franklyn Gorsewell, who appears in Timeless and To Eternity. Franklyn is a man with little to redeem him and I was fascinated but also disgusted by him on so many levels. I’d never tried to explore such a personality before.

If you had a hidden power, what would it be?

I’m find telepathy very interesting. It appears as a theme in several of my stories. I have experienced telepathy with people important in my life. Most instances have been at close quarters where it’s been so natural it is only a little later we realise it was an exchange of thought.

In my teens I experimented with telepathy with a very dear friend. We deliberately tried to make the process work in the hope we could cheat in the exams at school. We never managed that, but once or twice we managed the clarity of a single word. I wish we’d practised more.

If you were a super hero, what would you help people do and what costume would you wear?

I would be a superhero who helped writers find their way through writers block. Unless I were gifted the chance of a new physique the costume would have to be misty stuff, with lots of flaw coverage involved and maybe a few pretty sparkles. Perhaps the gown might be woven from the mislaid thoughts of writers who let those ideas go on a good day, when they didn’t realise how grateful they might be to have them back. As writers everywhere let inspirations slip and slide away my costume would be ever changing. I think wearing the dark swirls from the thoughts of horror writers, mixed with bright fluorescents from a romance writer’s mind, or the mellow yellows of a traveller’s tale—all enhanced with a dash of livid scarlet from an erotica writer would be a fabulous superhero costume. I won’t even dream of the shinning beauty of the lost gems from poets or I could get rather sad that I won’t ever wear something so lovely.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

A big ‘Thank You’. Some of you have become personal friends and I cherish that. To you all, I am grateful you took the time to buy and read my stories. Please, don’t stop.

My thanks to you Tamara for all the support you have given me and for giving me the opportunity to visit.

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Thank you Daisy for this GREAT interview! Isn’t it interesting how many of us begin writing after we’re faced with personal tragedy?? I’m really looking forward to working with you on our Mother’s Day Magic Anthology!


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Daisy Banks is the author of:

Serving the Serpent

Christmas Carols               All published by Liquid Silver Books

Valentine Wishes

A Gentleman’s Folly

Your Heart My Soul


A Perfect Match                     Published by Hartwood Publishing


Marked for Magic.            

To Eternity


Fiona’s Wish

A Matter of Some Scandal

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Daisy Banks writes a regular monthly story in the Sexy to Go compilations.

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