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dawn-profile-picD.G. Torrens is the author of 13 books including, the bestselling trilogy, Amelia’s Story #1 Amelia’s Destiny #2 and Amelia The Mother #3 This is an emotion-charged true story that the author wrote for her daughter. D.G is a mother/writer/blogger who has a dream to inspire as many people as possible through her story. To show those with little hope that dreams can come true.

Born in England, passionate about writing, D.G. Torrens is married with an 8-year-old daughter. Her first book, Amelia’s Story, has inspired people all over the world. Amelia’s Destiny, book #2 is the sequel and is followed by Amelia The Mother book #3 in this awe-inspiring trilogy. A memoir that remains with DGs readers long after they have put the book down…

D.G is a prolific writer and in 2013, her works were recognised by BBC Radio WM, where she has given several live interviews in the BBC studios in Birmingham UK.
A quote by D.G. Torrens: “If you close your eyes, you can be anywhere you wish to be.”

D.G. Torrens lives by the motto, “The child first and foremost.”

All titles by D.G. Torrens:

The Poppy Fields (Book #1) Military/Romance
The Poppy Fields (Book #2) Military/Romance
The Poppy Fields (Book #3) Military/Romance
Tears of Endurance (Book #1) Romantic Drama
Whispers from Heaven (Book #2) Romantic Drama
Broken Wings (Contemporary Military/Romance)
A Soldier’s Fear. (Contemporary Military/Romance)
Amelia’s Story (Book #1) Autobiography
Amelia’s Destiny (Book #2) Autobiography
Amelia The Mother (Book #3) Autobiography
Forbidden Book #1 Romantic/Suspense
Love In Times of War (Boxed set collaboration)
Military Boots (War Anthology)
Heart and Mind (Contemporary Poetry)

Author website: http://dawnsdaily.com
Author page: http://www.facebook.com/dgtorrens
Twitter @torrenstp