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Tell us about your books and are experiences in this book based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

The Secret Watchers follows protagonist Owen Ryer from eighth grade where he discovers his special ability through high school. Owen transforms from an ordinary boy into a deadly watcher who protects those who cannot fight for themselves. The book feels like the real world with a paranormal twist. The experiences in the book are from all around me. I am constantly writing down the way that someone says something, to asking if I can use their story to weave into my own. When Owen split open his chin; it was inspired by my neighbor who had just done the same thing, except she was at dance team practice. The way Owen looks at the world is a little bit me but mostly my boys and our favorite characters from literature. When I write for Owen’s mom, it is exactly how I would talk to my boys.

What are your current projects? 

I have many things happening all at once. I’ve come to realize that I thrive on a certain level of chaos. Life has put me behind in the goal I set for myself and book five of The Secret Watchers series, Destiny, was not ready in December. It is still with the editorial team and has not yet gone out to beta readers. While that is percolating, I am working on my first dystopian. I am in negotiations with another writer for a co-authored Pirate novel for middle graders. I also have a co-authored fantasy and a children’s book up my sleeve. The keyboard never gets a rest!   

Do you write with music or in silence?  If you prefer music, what kind?

I can write in silence but I much prefer music. When I started I listened to rock, alternative and pop. Some of my favorites are Nickelback, Maroon 5, Coldplay and Hinder. I still listen to those on occasion but sometimes I found I was listening to the song and not letting it do its job of helping me think. Now I listen to soundtracks or epic movie music. Which leads us right into…

Do you have playlists for any of your books or characters?

Why yes, I do! I’m listening to The Hunger Games soundtracks as I write my dystopian. As I wrote The Secret Watchers books, I listened to music from the TV series Arrow, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and some miscellaneous Epic Action & Adventure tunes from iTunes. Yep, I’m totally into the moving instrumentals right now. I can almost see the action when I hear it!

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don’t give up and keep writing. Whatever we choose to do regularly, we get better at. Don’t expect to be a bestseller in the first week your book comes out or even in the first year; that is something that only happens to a lucky few. Stay positive; our day in the sun will come. I’ve read several places that the best way to make money is to keep producing more works, so get going, I know you have something to say! Big hugs friends and follow your dreams. If there is a story in you, get out there and share it! Not all writers feel this way, but I want my readers to know that I really do listen to my fans and nonfans. I read every comment that is written about my books and continually try to learn from them and work on myself. Having said that, I also believe that it is important to stay true to myself and the stories I have written. Please do share with me – for how can we grow without fertilizer?!

THIS OR THAT—The Speed Round

Which do you prefer – Reading or writing? Both, it depends on my mood.

Writing during the night or writing during the day? I see the beauty and advantages in both.

Writing from home or someplace else? Most of my writing happens at home but many ideas happen away from my desk.

Reading an eBook or print? Print!

Buy books online or buy in a bookstore? Yes! Kidding – either is fine.

Weather: Hot or Cold? Warm? A week of snow is plenty but I do love to watch it fall. Not too hot but I love the idea of summer.

Music or Silence? Music please.

Classic Fairy tales or Fairy tale retellings? Retellings.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, so I can add goodies!

The Beach or The Mountains? Beach, though the mountains are nice too.

The World being taken over by zombies or sexy blood sucking vampires? Vampires seem cooler but I think I’d have better luck outsmarting a zombie. I have not personally experienced either. (Thank goodness – I’m afraid I’d be the dead body.)

Time travel to the future or past? Future.

Facebook or twitter? There are things I like about each of them and things I’d change if I could.

Being able to fly or being able to go invisible? Invisible, I get motion sick.

Bookmark or Dog eared? Bookmarks and Post-its!

1st character POV or 3rd character POV? 1st character POV. I like being in the protagonist’s head.

City or Country? Suburbs. I love the country but I like good restaurants and movie theaters.

Pen or Pencil? It depends on what I’m doing and love choices.

Polk-a-dots or Stripes? Solid or a little print

Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles and a side of bacon.

Books or Movies? I love them both.

Coffee or Tea? Depends on my mood.

Elbows the size of pumpkins or knees the size of watermelons? Um? Neither. It would interfere with my hiking and picture taking.

Thank you so very much for having me over and I look forward to sharing your interview with my fans!  

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I’m from New York City. My husband and I had a lucrative business that we lost during the recession in spite of our tremendous effort to save it. After all was said and done, all we had left was our 36’ cabin cruiser, which we planned on using to transport ourselves, and our two cats to Florida. Instead, we broke down in North Carolina, and lived on board for fifteen months.

Eventually, my husband and I met some wonderful people and we decided to stay. He has started a new business which is growing steadily, and when I’m not helping him, I’m writing.

What inspired you to write your first book?

My first book was born out of a desire not to stay up all night worrying about events that were unfolding in my life that were beyond my control. I decided the time could be better spent doing something creative, and so I began to write a story about a character who lost everything and managed to cope with that loss and reinvent himself in the process. You see, my husband and I were about to lose everything we owned including our livelihood.

Why did you choose a vampire as your main character?

As I mentioned, I wanted a character that had lost everything and more. Sebastian, my main character, lost everything including his mortal life. He was someone I could sympathize with, and as I began to write him into being he began to heal me. He was far stronger than I, and that strength of spirit was contagious.

How are you now?

Different. I have an understanding now that nothing ever stays the same. There are just different degrees of change, and it’s not those changes that define us, but what we do with them that matters.

Can you give a brief description of Prince of the Blood’s main character?

While I was creating Sebastian Blood, aka Sebastian Du Sang, he developed a personality and a will entirely of his own. What I mean is, he created his own self into being. I must tell you that the only part that I’m wholly responsible for is his good looks. He is extremely strong-willed, sarcastic at times, and often self-centered, but I think readers will also find him mesmerizing, beguiling and I hope, unforgettable.

Part One-Prince of the Blood-Transformation is your first book in the series. What is the title of your next book and when can we expect its release?

Thank you for asking. The second book, Part Two-Prince of the Blood-Evolution, is scheduled to be released at the end of this month.

Are you working on anything else?

Yes, I’m taking a little break from the Prince of the Blood series. As I mentioned, nothing ever stays the same, so my latest book has nothing to do with vampires. It’s called Lora Lee and is the first in a series about the mysterious goings-on at an old manor home named Cliff House.

In closing, is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes, I would like to thank you for this interview, Tamara. If I were asked to name those authors who have most inspired me, one of them would certainly be you. You’re such a brilliant spirit, and your ability to write such wonderful stories despite your own personal challenges, as well as the time you devote to helping other authors is nothing short of remarkable to me.

PJ Webb

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PJ has been such a FANTASTIC friend to me.  And I’m equally admiring of her as well for having the strength to move forward after facing such devastating disappointments in her life.  Isn’t it funny how many of us turn to writing as therapy as opposed to dwelling on our problems? 


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