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Will Kate’s Sister Kelly Surrender Her Heart At A💍Magical Wedding?

Praise For Two Hearts Surrendered:

Two Hearts Surrendered was one of my favorite stories but it truly tugs at the heart–Goodreads Reviewer

Two Surrendered Hearts by Tamara Ferguson was emotional, a story of true love meant to be, in this case it started as kids. It shows how you have to sometimes deal with the hard things in life in order to get your happily ever after- Goodreads/Amazon Reviewer

Two Hearts Surrendered was an awesome novella! I had some personal reasons for reading this one;, one because I’m from Wisconsin and the other because I am an amputee. I won’t give anything away, but suffice it to say that the road for Kelly and Luke is long and painful. Can she be strong when he needs it and can he be strong when she needs it? The answer is found between the pages of a very well written story. I was pleased to see the amputee storyline was well done, empathetic and well researched, which often isn’t the case in many of the books I’ve read. This one story in the box set not to miss! (And was excited to see the shout out to Rice Lake!)-Author Katie Mettner  http://ow.ly/PM2Ff

My favorite story was “Two Hearts Surrendered.” When Air Force pilot Luke Bryant was 13, he saved the life of six year old Kelly Callahan. While home on leave 14 years later, he attends a wedding and runs into a now 20 year old Kelly. After only hours to get to know each other, his leave is over. They stay in contact promising themselves to each other when suddenly he is sent on a secret mission. After she doesn’t hear from him for months, she learns he was critically hurt and refuses to see her. The magic of this story is how he comes to terms with his injuries so he can share his life with Kelly – Kathy Wagner –For Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock https://pratr.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/magical-weddings/comment-page-1/#comment-5525


I’d like to introduce you to my hero and heroine!

Meet The Hero: Luke Bryant.

Luke and Kelly met on the beach at Dragonfly Pointe when thirteen-year old Luke saved six-year old Kelly from drowning. He and Kelly shared an undeniable connection through their childhood. After years of abuse by his stepdad as a kid, he set himself on course as a teenager. Luke is like a son to the Callahans – Kelly’s grandfather(the former chief-of-police) had even been Luke’s foster parent when Luke’s stepdad was arrested with Luke’s assistance. So Luke refuses to act on the attraction he eventually begins feeling for Kelly.

Until Luke finally returns home on leave from air force, and attends the magical wedding of Kelly’s sister, Kate (that unforgettable kiss.) They simply can’t help themselves- Kelly and Luke have loved each other nearly all their entire lives. Despite Luke’s return overseas, they maintain a long-distance relationship afterward. When the isolated base where his unit is stationed is attacked, Luke’s best friend is killed. Luke survives the ordeal, but returns home with severe injuries. He’s suffering the effects of PTSD, and refuses to contact Kelly. Not only is he afraid of her reaction when she sees the extent of his injuries, he doesn’t want to burden her. Besides, because of his tarnished past, he’s never really thought he was good enough for her anyway.

Meet The Heroine: Kelly Callahan.

Kelly has everything going for her – she’s beautiful, smart and intelligent. But she’s set goals for herself early in her life. She could easily continue to earn her living as a model; she’s been doing it since she was a kid. But Kelly has an unusual knack with numbers, so, instead, she chooses to further her education because she needs the challenge of a more stimulating career.

When Luke finally confesses his feelings for her before his return to Iraq, Kelly Callahan recognizes there’s magic in the air the weekend of her sister’s wedding. They’ve loved each other nearly all their lives, and the promise of a future with Luke keeps Kelly patiently awaiting his return while she’s finishing up her last year in college.

Kelly’s no stranger to tragedy – her two older sisters have both been through near death experiences. So when Luke comes home as a wounded warrior, she refuses to give up on him when he doesn’t appear to want anything to do with her. It’s not about his looks, or his past – it’s all about the connection they’ve shared since they were kids. Fate has always meant for them to be together – she’s sure of it.

Now that I’ve given you a detailed synopsis of the story, put these lines from Two Hearts Surrendered In Chronological Order:

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  1. There was magic in the air tonight, and something incredible was about to happen–Kelly just sensed it.
  2. But finally, someone was telling him, it was okay for a guy like him to love Kelly.
  3. But she was saying everything that’d he’d been hoping to hear, deep in his heart, from the moment he’d awoken to discover he was so severely injured.
  4. “You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about coming back here, Kel…how many times that I’ve dreamed of you when I was overseas.”
  5. “This will be the way I’ll be remembering you, Kel,” he whispered softly into her ear, “in this beautiful place, where all that I’m thinking about it how much I want you.”
  6. “I surrendered my heart to you a long, long time ago, Luke.”
  7. Whatever Luke had to say to her, Kelly decided, she’d definitely listen – after all, she’d been in love with him nearly her entire life.
  8. For their very first time, she kissed him with her whole self, concealing nothing–and the kiss seemed to leave Luke just as shaken as she was.

Helpful Hints:

1) Keep in mind, Luke has already been in Iraq before he attends the wedding.

2) Luke and Kelly do commit to a relationship before Luke returns to Iraq after the wedding.

3) Also keep in mind, they’ve been fighting their feelings for years, but have never actually acted on them.

4) They’ve never really shared any time together except like brother and sister- Kelly’s brother was Luke’s mentor growing up.

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What readers are saying about Magical Weddings

Perfection in a boxed set.  Pleasantly surprised–Amazon 5Reviewer

This anthology was fun to read. What’s better than reading about weddings? Reading about magic, and old fashioned romance, and laugh riots, and a bunch of happily ever afters – Amazon 5★Reviewer

Wonderful Collection of romantic, magical tales of love– Amazon 5★Reviewer

Great Value and Enjoyment – Amazon 5★ Reviewer

“Adorable!! One of the better compilation series I’ve read with varied stories. It was such a quick and easy read even though there were fifteen separate stories. There is something for everyone!! Must read!” S. Bartholomew, NetGalley reviewer “.

.. a wonderful collection of stories bringing others together in love. There was a good mix of stories, from paranormal to humorous, from sweet to sexy….” Cynthia Stone, NetGalley reviewer

This compilation of numerous short stories all have the theme of Magical Weddings. The individual submissions vary from coincidental happenings to true magic. Overall, a fun, lighthearted read. Would make the perfect summer time beach read.” –Elissa Mahler, NetGalley reviewer

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