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willy-norgardNogard the Dragon, has a big day ahead of him. After his flight training, he is to head off to the Red Top Mountains. His problem is not flying, as he is great at that, but instead, his ability to read directions becomes quite obvious when he gets lost on his first solo flight.

Will Nogard find out why the letters bounce and flip around when he tries to read? Will he ever reach his destination? Find out what happens to Nogard the Dyslexic Dragon.


willy-broodingBrooding School? What? Melba, the newest chick on the farm, is not very excited.

Melba wakes up one morning to a new lunch sack, and learns it will soon be her first day at brooding school. The young chick is upset and frightened, but Mother Hen knows just what to do. Encouraging big brother Bert to lend a helping wing to little Melba, pretend school is in session.

Will Melba make the grade in Brooding School Blues


When did you decide to become a writer, and why?

I don’t know that I decided, more like my stories decided for me. I was encouraged a couple years ago to write down my stories, and so I did. Bringing them to life so to speak is magical to me.

How does being a teacher affect your writing?

It affects me by having an educational theme in my stories. I just can’t seem to get school out of my writing, as it is a major part of my day to day life. You write what you know…right? I also get to brag that I have books published…some of the kids think that is cool.

What is the inspiration of your stories?

The inspiration of my stories come from jokes, play on words, or issues in school that need addressing. I finished my new book about Dyslexia…and more and more it seems like my kiddos that come through my classroom have an increase in the symptoms of this disorder. Hopefully my new character will encourage those kiddos to be vocal about needing help.

How long does it usually take to complete a book?

It seems to be about 10 months, from start to finish. Writing, editing, illustrating, revising, publishing…being an Indy author…paying. Lol

What is your editing process like?

I have a girl…just kidding, but yes, I have a wonderful friend, mentor and fellow author, go through my stories. She takes the passive out of my stories, so it doesn’t just lay there between the pages.

What have you written?

I have two children’s books published, and one more getting ready to be in print soon. β€œIn My Closet” and β€œBrooding School Blues” are out and available through Amazon or Createspace. I have been told that you can order them from Barnes and Noble as well.

Why did you choose this genre to write in?

Again, the genre chose me, and really, it seems that if I can reach a child with my stories at an earlier age, they might not be afraid of the dark or new things, afraid of school, their eyes may light when they see my pictures. I also tried to write Young Adult Paranormal…I had nightmares. Ha

Any advice for aspiring authors?


Give us some insight on your main character.

Well, being as I have a couple of main characters, I feel they are little heros, as they overcome some obstacle that might otherwise stop them. They are brave, all my characters share this trait.

You say your characters are brave, when have you had to be brave?

I was a track coach for many years at the school where I teach. One day one of my high school runners collapsed, they were having a heart incident. I did CPR, along with another coach, waiting for the helicopter to arrive. The student had to have a pacemaker, but he made it. He is still an inspiration to me.



Willy Robbins grew up in the middle of the Ozarks in Missouri. She was raised on the family farm, where she resides today. Willy grew up with the love of reading, as her first grade teacher, Mrs. Chapman can attest. Willy was the first one to reach the moon that year with the number of books that she read. Reading and writing continue to be an integral part of Willy’s life, she has taught them both for 17 years as an elementary educator.











Wow, so glad that your student was able to pull through!!

Some SWEET (& educational)Β stories, for sure Willy! Best of luck! tf