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PENSACOLA, Fla., September 6, 2016


INCOGNITO: An International Thriller — Cover Reveal

World Castle Publishing is proud to unveil the cover for Khaled Talib’s highly anticipated thriller, INCOGNITO, scheduled to be released next year. Early buzz from thriller fans across the globe and social media platforms is anticipating this novel to be a huge success.

The book cover’s overlaying fiery red ruby communicates the intense theme that brings together incongruent elements in a striking finish. It personifies a story that is mysterious, suspenseful, action-filled, and tumultuous all at the same time.

The author’s new protagonist, Ayden Tanner, is a former British SAS commando who happens to be officially dead. He and his crew are dispatched by a covert division of the international hacker group, Anonymous, to find the pope, who is missing. In the story, Anonymous has created a covert division called The League of Invisible Knights, which aims to bring about the triumph of good over evil.

INCOGNITO was inspired by the author’s chance encounter with several individuals and visits to places during trips to Switzerland, Italy and Istanbul.



About the Author

INCOGNITO is Khaled Talib’s second thriller novel. His debut spy novel, Smokescreen, was published in 2014 where he received praise from New York Times bestselling authors, Keith Thomson (Once A Spy), Ruth Harris (Hooked & Brainwashed) and Jon McGoran (Drift). Born and raised in Singapore, Khaled is a former magazine journalist with local and international exposure that included several years in Cairo, Egypt. His articles have also been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide. He is a member of the UK Crime Writers Association. The author’s official website is http://www.khaledtalibthriller.com


About the Publisher

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