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What inspired you to write your first book?

By meeting my husband Joe. You see, I was a single, middle-aged woman with a bitter past and I had begun keeping a journal when he and I started dating. I’ve always been a writer, but when my dormant muse showed up and took over the journal, I had to let her have her way. That’s when Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems was born, and my muse has been niggling me ever since. Kudos to her characters Cindy & Jay, and because of her diligence, this is what happened: Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems won two Bronze awards, first in the Global EBooks Awards 2015 and The Reader’s Favorite Awards 2015.

The story was also a finalist in the IAN

Please give us a description of your latest WIP?

I’ve just submitted the sequel to My Sexy Chef entitled Chaos in the Kitchen to my publisher Annie Acorn. Chaos explores the in-depth emotions of Malibu O’Hare and Creole Chef Mark Bouchard, after they’ve consummated a Coupe De Foudre and very physical attraction via My Sexy Chef. I’d like to mention there are no graphics in my new Blush series, and no dirty words. Let’s just say my muse relies on innuendo for this group of stories, and both my publisher and I are happy with that. I’d also like to share My Sexy Chef is a contender in The Romance Reviews contest in the Contemporary Romance category. Isn’t that cool?


Are you working on anything else these days?

I have a short story coming out very soon called The Blind Seer, which will be included in Annie Acorn’s Spirited Tales. Beyond that, I’m working on Falling for Niagara, a Cindy & Jay short romance for the spring, again with Annie Acorn, and a nonfiction book about what it’s like to be raised in the 60’s with a handicapped, schizophrenic brother, when there’s no help or support. The title is TBA. This one is a toughie, I must admit.

In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share?

I feel totally blessed to be a part of the Indie writing community, Tammy. If it wasn’t for this great bunch of writers and boutique publishers, I fear some awesome talents would go by the wayside. I’m not talking about me, but for the majority as a whole. As long as we continue to support each other, it’s my guess we’ll always be prominent. Thank you so much for having me on, Tammy. I am blessed to have met you, too. An honor for me, truly.

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It’s an honor to know you too Susan!  I’m grateful as well for all the support from you along with many of our fellow authors. Congrats again on WINNING those bronzes!!  Am keeping my fingers crossed for your WIN at The Romance Reviews xo :O)


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  2. I’m so grateful for the opportunity you’ve extended to by offering to host me on your awesome site, Tammy. I’m humbled, too, for your gracious support at a time when it was needed. Words can’t really convey. I can only hope I can return the favor in some fashion.

  3. I so enjoyed reading your review with Susan, and congratulate her on her accomplishments. I’m keeping my fingers crossed also for a win for her at the Romance Reviews!

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