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Top 100 Amazon Bestselling Author, B. J. Robinson,

is an award-winning, multi-published author with four traditionally published novels as well as independently published short stories, novellas, and novels.

River Oaks Plantation, her first full-length indie, has been on Amazon’s bestselling Christian historical novel list as well as the Civil War list. River Oaks Plantation won an Indie Award and was a top three finalist in the Grace Awards for 2013 in the historical romance category. The novel was showcased in Southern Writers Magazine as a Must Read.

She won an award through the Florida Writers Association, first prize in fiction-writing competition at Southeastern Louisiana University for a short story that was published in their literary magazine, Gambit, and a novella won an indie award. She has also won numerous editors’ choice awards for poetry, had poems published, articles published, and her short story ran on the front page of a local newspaper three weeks as a serial.

She shares her heart and soul through writing, as well as her passion and love for Jesus. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and completing book reviews.

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Must read Southern Writers Magazine September/October 2015 edition. Historical romance.

A Mississippi plantation. A southern belle. A Union officer. Brothers. Three reared in the South, the other in the North. Would they ever see eye-to-eye?

The turmoil of the Civil War rips a country asunder as lives are transformed. Alice Caldwell is young and in love in the midst of the raging war that disrupts her world. She hopes to soon become engaged when the Civil War destroys her plans, and her beau leaves to fight.

Bert Russell, a Union officer, invades her life when his wounded men are moved to Whitworth College in Brookhaven, Mississippi, and he turns it into a hospital for his soldiers. When there is not enough room for his men and the Confederate soldiers, he confiscates Cotton Grove Plantation, Alice’s home, as a hospital for his remaining men and encamps on her front lawn.

With her beau missing in action, Alice works at the hospital as well as her home hoping to see his face among the other arrivals. Working in the hospital with wounded and dying men changes Alice’s once-sheltered life. She’s no simpering southern belle batting lashes behind a sandalwood fan, but becomes a woman who finds the courage to go on.

Through it all, the magnolia trees continue to bloom, majestic live oaks curtained with Spanish moss wave their limbs, the great Mississippi River continues to flow as the North and South battle for its control, and somehow, people go on with their lives.

Brought to you by bestselling author of River Oaks Plantation, a finalist in the Grace Awards, and an Indie Award Winner.

Note from author: My father was from Brookhaven, Mississippi. I remember picking cotton as a small child on my uncle’s Mississippi cotton farm. I didn’t pick much, but I can say I did pick cotton. My father’s brother took over the cotton farm, and he gave me a smaller sack and told me I could help pick the cotton. He paid me twenty-five cents for each sack I filled. I soon played out and didn’t fill very many. I think I ended up with a dollar. This is why I decided to write a historical romance set in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I was inspired to write this one because my father was from Brookhaven, Mississippi. It is Christian historical romance, though it does not preach.

B. J. Robinson has various titles from which readers may choose and writes in several genres from romantic suspense, mystery, contemporary romance, historical romance, Christian and inspirational romance, children’s stories, and young adult. Each title takes you on a different adventure. Her historical romances have been bestsellers as have many of her books when they were first published.

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